Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shipping from Pensacola, Florida

FOREX CARGO FLORIDA services in the City of Pensacola Florida and other neighboring cities in the State Florida
Traditional Balikbayan Box Delivery Services:
  • Forex Blue 450 Balikbayan Box - The Forex Blue Box 450 Balikbayan Box or the Forex Regular Balikbayan Box, is the most common choice, it measures 20 x 23 x 17, a bit smaller than our Non Commercial Box, but still have plenty of room for all your stuff.
  • Forex Blue 300 Balikbayan Box - The Forex Blue Box 300 Balikbayan Box measures 18 x 18 x 16, this is commonly known as the Forex Medium Balikbayan Box.
  • Forex Blue150 Balikbayan Box The Forex Blue Box 150 Balikbayan Box measures 17.5 x 9 x 16, this is commonly known as the Forex Bulilit Balikbayan Box. It's so cheap you can send one regularly.
  • Non Commercial Boxes - The Non Commercial Balikbayan Box is our biggest box measuring 23 x 20 x 20.
  • Odd-Sized Boxes - The Forex odd sized box can be a shoe box, a gift box, a parcel post box. Big, small, wide, narrow, tall, short. Whatever is the size, sa Forex the size doesn't matter. 
  • Pre-Packed Boxes The Pre Packed box is a great solution for those of you who simply have little or no time to shop, pack and send the traditional balikbayan box to the Philippines. Order a box filled with the most popular good to send to your loved ones. Pre-Packed boxes delivered to a Metro Manila address within 1 week or less Please contact us for more information.
  • Gifts for special occasions - Please contact us for more information.
  • Air Forex -  Now we have a faster and reliable shipping option to the Philippines. Only Seven Days to Metro Manila.

Hurry and send your box now, call our Florida Main Office hotline at 904-458-SHIP  (904-458-7447) to schedule a pickup

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