Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PPA sees normalization of Manila ports

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) expects operations at the Ports of Manila to normalize within the next four weeks as the government continues to pursue measures to resolve the congestion caused by the imposition of a day-time truck ban by the city government of Manila last February.
PPA general manager Juan Sta. Ana said in an interview with reporters that congestion at the Ports of Manila worsened due to the decision of the Manila City government to impose a day-time truck ban.

Sta. Ana pointed out that the pile-up of containerized cargo at the ports has resulted in inefficient operations.
“Traffic being experienced right now is caused by the declogging of the ports brought about by the pile-up of containers brought about by the earlier ban and we expect that traffic will slowly ease up especially with the run-up to Christmas is again just around the corner,” he said.
For one, foreign shipping lines and the port operators have agreed to send empty containers piling up at the ports of Manila to the Subic Ports and other ports. The empty containers are one of the major contributors to the Manila Port congestion.


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